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Kate loves creating

Kate loves creating

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Thursday, May 29, 2014

My New online class -Fractured Angels

I am getting a great response for my new class online. I have been so busy the past couple months teaching live and traveling, it was nice to get this project finished and up and running. I have learned so much from online classes myself and I try to keep the group interactive with lots of posting and conversation. It brings so much to an online class. It really creates a lovely community. I learn the most when the students are engaged and inspiring each other and that is what I hope to create for this class. I have a private Facebook page for students and myself to post and interact and I am available for critiques if requested. I understand some students are not comfortable with that and I respect that,  If you feel more comfortable, I am available via email to offer that service.  Critiques are a beneficial process to improvement.
All the videos are up and it is a self paced class but to keep the class alive and current, I will be working on a painting and sharing each week videos and images of my progression and if I struggle with it, all the better. Not every piece goes smoothly and sharing that struggle is so important.
Here are the images that I will be demonstrating in the class. Hope to see you there!
To learn more about the class go to . You need to become a member of this ning site (it is free) before you sign up for class.

I also have a link on this blog, top right hand side


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