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Kate loves creating

Kate loves creating

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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Life Book 2014


I am so excited to be a part of the new Life Book 2014 event starting in January 2014.
Here is a list of all the wonderful teachers partipating. Please check out their websites/blogs to get to know this incredible line up

12th Sept 2013 - Tamara Laporte -
13th Sept 2013 - Tascha Parkinson –
14th Sept 2013 - Lesley Riley –
15th Sept 2013 - Alena Hennessy -
16th Sept2013 - Kat McBride –
17th Sept 2013 - Carla Sonheim –
18th Sept 2013 - Jane Davenport –
19th Sept 2013 - Danielle Daniel –
20th Sept 2013 - Jennibellie –
23rd Sept2013 - Kelly Hoernig –
24th Sept 2013 - Micki Wilde –
25th Sept 2013 - Kate Thompson –
26th Sept 2013 - Flora Bowley –
27th Sept2013 - Anna Dabrowska –
28th Sept 2013 - Steven Speight –
29th Sept 2013 - Mika Diaz –
30th Sept 2013 - Serena Bridgeman –
1st Oct 2013 - Dyan Reaveley –
2nd Oct 2013 - Effy Wild –
3rd Oct 2013 - Carissa Paige –
4th Oct 2013 - Marieke Blokland –
5th Oct 2013 - Christy Tomlinson –
6th Oct 2013 - Traci Bautista –

I am giving away one spot for this event so please leave a comment and I will pick the winner next week. I will choose the winner by putting all the participants names in a box and pick a name that way.

Monday, September 9, 2013

A wonderful summer

This has been one of my most favorite summers I can remember. I have been meeting so many wonderful women teaching this summer. It has added so much to my life. I am getting more and more ideas for classes since teaching and creating art is what I plan to do the rest of my life.
I am addicted to art supplies and although it is wonderful to have all this stuff around, I get a little overwhelmed so I am going to try to reduce my palette and amount of supplies I use so that I can really get to know them. It will be very hard to do, but this thought keeps going through my head to least for now.
Here are some examples of my love affair with R&F Oil bars. I did get carried away and bought alot of them because they are very seductive so hopefully this will be my last product for awhile.

I have been working with more stencils and plaster in my portraits and love experimenting.

And last but not least, I just finished a wonderful magical weekend at a Misty Mawn workshop. She inspired me 4 years ago to paint. I started taking her online classes and haven't stopped painting.Meeting her in person was such a wonderful gift. I had so many epiphanies this weekend such as painted with a limited palette, even the background pulls the painting together,marks all pencil is magical, purchasing jars of paints rather than tubes (paint doesn't dry up as fast) and so many more Misty secrets you can only discover if you take her class. Watching her paint is quite magical. It is so tempting to try to copy Misty but then you aren't on your own journey, so that is never an option for me...but to take some of her magical experience and incorporate it is the whole idea. Misty is a huge role model for me. Her integrity and originality is unquestionable and she is a fun gal to be around too! Here are some of the wip that I did in the class.

Oh, I forgot, my door at Random Arts is finished. Love the beautiful knob Jane added to it.