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Kate loves creating

Kate loves creating

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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Somerset Apprentice Spring 2012 issue-two articles and artwork published!

I am so happy to be published in Somerset Apprentice! I love the Somerset publications and very grateful to be a part of this amazing world of talented mixed media artists.
I have couple of pieces in my Etsy store that are similar to the ones in this article. If you are interested in any commisioned pieces please contact me. I can personalize any piece with your treasued photos.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Misty Mawn's Open Studio Class

This is the last week in Misty's class although the class will be up all year long. There is so much information and so much more I want to create. I make this fabric book awhile ago and now using it to create my little paintings and experiment with new techniques. I just discovered Venetian plaster and am I ever going to have fun with that!

New Paintings in my Etsy store

Here are two new paintings I listed in my Etsy store (see the link on the side of the blog to reach my Etsy store)
I have been painting in acrylics this past year and really loving it, especially when I mix the alcohol inks with them. My past work was much more abstract and mostly using fibers and fabrics and stitching. I am starting to incorporate more of the fabric into my paintings. I have been experimenting with venetian plaster on different fabrics. I layer the plaster on the fabric and at different stages of the drying process I crinkle and crease the fabric till it looks worn and aged in the fabric. The next step is the phototransfer. My next group of paintings will be using this process and then painting over the photo transfer. What fun! There is not enough hours in the day to create all the things I have swirling around in my head. Happy creating!