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Kate Thompson

Kate Thompson

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Fractured Angel Class

Fractured Angel Class
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Teaching 2014

January 25-26- Lexi Grenzer's Studio, San Jose, Calif.

Art and Soul- Kansas, MO- Fabric Collage-March 19Fabric Art Book- March 20-21
Art and Soul-Portland, Or- Fabric Art Book-April 7-8Fabric Collage-April 10
Art is You Dixie- Olive Branch, MSApril 28-29- Fabric Collage and PaintingApril 30-Portraits on Fabric and Paper

Random Arts-Saluda,NC.May 10-11 - Painting with plaster, paper and fabric on wood

June 21-22 Jacksonville Florida SoMMASociety of Mixed Media Artists-Fabric Collage 2 day class
July 31-Aug1- Art Unraveled Phoenix, ArizonaFabric Art BookAug 3-Fanciful Headdresses Portraits
Art and Soul, Virginia BeachOct 1- Fabric CollageOct. 4-5- Fabric Art Book
Donna Downey Studios-Fractured Angels Class- Dec. 6-7 2014

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

April 2014....what I have been up to.

It is so nice to be back here. My blog was compromised as some of you know and it took awhile to get things back safely with the help of my friends!! I just got back from Portland teaching at Art and Soul.If you wish to see the student work from those workshops you can go here
I went to the Pearl District and shopped at Cargo and found these really cool Japanese Stencil Paper for Kimonos.  It is called Kalagami paper. Aren't they gorgeous? I don't know what I am going to do with them but they will be in my artwork somewhere. There is this weave that is sandwiched into the paper. The colors are gorgeous.

I finished up my portion of Studying Under the Masters at Jeanne Oliver's site and was so touched by the response and the student work that came out of the class throughout all the weeks. I enjoyed so much interacting with the students online that I started a Facebook page for students of any of my classes to post and interact and discuss art and their process. I also wanted to start the group because so often I leave a live workshop feeling kind of melancholy because I feel that we just got started. There is no way to really get the benefit of a workshop, unless there is follow up of sorts, plus I really meet some cool women I want to continue corresponding with, so the group has helped in that way. If you are a student and are interested in this group here is the link to the facebook page
So here is what I have been painting lately.....angels....seems appropriate since my company name is Fractured Angelics. I started reading about angels, religious, spiritual, icon, inner work. I am working on my next online class and here are some of the paintings I will be demonstrating.

Here are some samples of doing fast, expressive drawings

I originally started out this painting very loose, but she wanted to be viewed with more detail so I complied.

Here is another angel I created starting out with her face and her figure was revealed to me much later in the painting. I will be demonstrating how to make a plaster relief halo around her face.

This is my grunge angel....the composition of this piece changed several times before I got it right.

This little cherub started out as a very sweet child, during the progression she turned into an elderly flapper type girl....I think I finally got her right!

I have been drawing....alot! Here are a few of my sketches and charcoal drawing. Some are from Gillian Cox's brilliant online class. The more obsessive detailed ones I did on my own.


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  2. You surely have been beautifully busy! I will be one of the first ones to sign up for your next online class! Can't wait.

    I'm so happy for your success; you truly are so talented, creative, and inspiring! Best always, Marilyn

  3. These are all just insanely GORGEOUS! You truly have a talent that goes above and beyond...and keeps growing.

  4. hi kate, just wondering when fractured angel will be available online???

  5. HI Kate, I just saw your offering on the Trodden path and was wondering how long the class goes for? I'm very drawn to these paintings and sketched. They are lovely.

  6. Hi Robin, The class will be up for at least a year or two. It is a self paced class and we do have a Facebook group to post and interact. You have plenty of time and the videos are downloadable.