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Kate loves creating

Kate loves creating

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Tuesday, October 25, 2016

It was my first international workshop I taught and it was in Italy!!

First off  I want to thank Kristin and Bill Steiner from Adventures in Italy for hosting my workshop in Orvieto. If you don't think dreams come true, in which I am always skeptical, they do. I discovered Kristin and Bill several years ago through an article in one of the Stampington Magazines. The article featured a lovely artist I admire. She had just returned from a workshop she taught in Italy and was working on a new online class. Ok I want to do that. Five years ago that seed was planted. Now dreams do come true, but you do have to do the footwork which I did. Kristin and Bill accepted my proposal enthusiastically. We worked over a year together planning my workshop.Over the year and a half there was some doubt it wouldn't happen but I kept trudging away and yes it happened and I will always be so grateful to Bill and Kristin ,
There were so many wonderful and meaningful moments in Orvieto. Our lovely studio in the spiritual holy space within the Convent B&B which was a former palace, San Lodovico.

Here are some of the student work. So much talent and fun memories in the studio

Here are the girls:

I have to say one of my most memorable moment happened when I entered the Duomo in Orvieto. I have been studying this church and its incredibly powerful fresco painter, Luca Signorelli. It was a stunning visual experience as well as a deeply personal spiritual awakening. I went with the group and had to go back on my own to experience again and look at every inch of Signorelli's fresco. In the cathedral I noticed an old fashioned confessional. The sign read confession in progress. I saw the light on and went in. I talked to the priest about my mother who is deceased. It was a special moment since I rediscovered my Catholic religion again a year ago. I know talking religion isn't the easiest issue to talk but I had to share it here because this is why this experience was so powerful to me. I later sat at the back of the church and absorbed the magnificent splendor of this powerful church. The reason the church was built was due to a miracle that happened in 1263. As a priest celebrated a mass in Orvieto, he was saying the prayer of consecration when the host started to bleed. The pope made the decision to build this church. I do believe in miracles but there is also scientific evidence proving this. Either way I find this stuff extremely interesting to read about. .

When we arrived in Rome we were walking in the Piazza near our hotel and this is the first thing I heard. Oh my God, I burst into tears. He was incredible and at that moment I realized I was in Italy and experiencing this beautiful music. This is just a bit of the experience

My traveling buddies in Rome. This was the one and only day we stayed in Rome. Yes I want to go back. I loved the big city vibe and all the beautiful people. The Italians are gorgeous both men and women...oh lala. The people watching was delicious!! We did go to the Vatican Museum and Sistine Chapel. Glynda was able to sneak this shot of the Sistine Chapel.  So often when I see very famous paintings I am a bit underwhelmed when I see them in person, but not Michelangelo. I could sit here  for hours.

So one of places I have studied over the years was the Ponte Sant'Angelo. My fracturedangel work lead me to this. Truly another moment I manifested several years ago.

It was a crazy crazy day and we got lost over and over. I really need to go back there and spend a full week. My friend Lorri and I went out that night to a local saturday night hang out. Love was in the air. Beautiful couples walking everywhere and enjoying life. Oh would this have been a different experience for me if I would have traveled here in my 20's. But I was able to take in the wonderful energy of the night and enjoy. I was opening myself up to the city and feeling alive, really alive!

We spent a couple days in Florence. My biggest moment there was climbing the 496 steep winding steps to the top of the Duomo in Florence. Did I ever take this moment in!

I have more travel pictures on my Facebook group. I just wanted to share more about how I felt while there. It is the moments where there were no cameras or videos just me experiencing and taking in which is where the big stuff happened. Being clear and present during each moment. I think that is why travel is so important. It is a time for me to go into an active meditation and treasuring and experience every single moment.
So now I am back in the studio with about a week of down time. Coming back I realize I need to make some changes in my career. I wasn't sure what they were to be but allowing my mind to be open during my trip gave room to new ideas and answers. Now it is time to do the work.....

Oh, I just got news....I will be returning to Orvieto to teach Sept. 2018!!!