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Kate loves creating

Kate loves creating

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Sunday, November 16, 2014

Scotland and other adventures

I just got back from Scotland a couple of weeks ago. I attended Gillian Cox's week long workshop. If you aren't familiar with Gillian Cox (Gillian Lee Smith), well then please visit her website. I can't even explain the impact that it had on me. I went there, and because I teach, I felt like I should impress the other students at the workshop. We started out with sketching outside (oh no, my biggest fear)! I never got how artists could just go outside and sketch the most mundane images and make them look interesting. I couldn't even understand sketching something spectacular, especially when it comes to buildings (the dreaded perspective). So any ideas of impressing anyone went right out the window. It was then that I decided to be the student and learn; learn the things I didn't think I could learn. I wanted to leave this workshop with something new that I could use in my own art, not just a bunch of "my" work.
So here is my feeble attempt of trying to draw a landscape with some buildings.
Believe me this is one of the better ones! Yuck, so much to learn and could I learn it? Gillian helped me by explaining more about background , foreground, and midground and how to create that illusion. I got what she was talking about, but still couldn't apply it. When I got home I tried some more,

Not perfect but I was starting to get it. I have been wanting to create environments in my paintings so that my figures would be somewhere. I was so focused on the portrait and figure that the background was of no importance to me, but to create atmosphere, they need to be some where. I have a ways to go to understand perspective, but now I have the desire to draw what I see around me. I actually enjoyed drawing my patio, and will now start including drawing my environment as part of my artistic practice.
Here is some of the work I created in the workshop

I started this landscape with a figure during this workshop. It went through many stages of development

Now when I got home, I really changed it and find my style changing and developing even more

 I have worked on another piece that I like. Here it is.

One of the most important aspects of being an artist is to be a student. I will never stop growing; this will consume for the rest of my life!

I have a new online workshop that will be starting Nov. 24, 2014

I ALSO HAVE CREATED STENCILS!! My stencils can be purchased at Stencil Girl
Here is the link 


  1. Wow your ideal of always being a student is truly inspiring!

  2. you are a real talented artist ! love what you do

  3. The paintbrush, I love the paintbrush perhaps the most. although your children are so ethereal.

  4. Well, you definitely "picked up what she was putting down!" Awesome work! They're all great, and your girl in landscape is breathtaking!

  5. Thank you so much. I can't wait to work up more of my ideas. It was the most amazing experience being there.

  6. OMG I love your work!! These pieces in particular are unbelievable. I found you through the 21 SECRETS list of teachers. I am in awe of your talent. Just amazing. Those children... the paintbrush. So inspirational. Thank you. xx

  7. Thanks so much Pauline! I am working on my project for 21 SECRETS right now. It is going to be a really fun project