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Kate loves creating

Kate loves creating

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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

What I have been working on

I always seem to love the work I do in my sketchbook. I started by applying gesso, let that dry and then applied re-inkers to the background. I drew the figures and started applying watercolors and acrylic white paint. I love doodling so I got my Ernst Haekel book out for inspiration.

Here is a close up of the face....I could have left the painting alone as is. It's very satisfying to me. I like how some of the inked background comes thtrough and the subtle mixing that happens here.

This is my girl! I had this idea of putting helmets on my girls. I think more helmets will start appearing in my artwork.
The painting completely changed as I started building up layers. I started finger painting with my beautiful Daniel Smith watercolors.

I love adding pencil work over my painting. I seem to be more into the detail when I draw rather than paint. When I paint I like to be more expressive, but when I have my fine .3mm mechanical pencil in hand, I love going in with the detail.

This piece is a bit tricky. It is all on fabric. I thought I wanted a sepia toned pallete but realized I really wanted to splash color in this., especially pink!

So I went in with color....still not sure if she is finished. I am working on her along with my students in my new online class. I videotaped the process except for the color. Whatever else I do on her I will videotape and include that in the class.

Still working on mermaids. Using my watercolors and mixing with white acrylic open favorite medium right now.

Back to acrylic on wood. Love how she is coming through. Wanting to work more on expression rather than a stare....put some life and personality in the figure.
My pintuck mermaid....see I told you I love detail with my pencil.
Thanks for looking!

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