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Kate loves creating

Kate loves creating

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Monday, January 28, 2013

Fabric Collage painting with pastels and acrylics.

I have been experimenting with pastels lately and love mixing them with gesso and acrylic paint. There are so many beautiful colors in pastels that I can't always find with paints so mixing them with paint or gesso has been a great experiment for me. Golden makes a great product, Acrylic Ground for Pastels which creates a great, gritty surface to apply the pastels and when you apply it with a pallete knife it creates texture and depth in your paintings. I love this stuff!
I really like painting over the fabric. I found, though that I had to do quite a bit of sanding to distress and imbed the fabric deeper in the work. Finding an old eyelet blouse of mine, I promptly ripped up to use in this piece, which you can see on the figure.
I filmed this whole process and will be teaching a class. Details coming soon. Thanks for visiting!

Here is the start of this painting. I used matte medium to collage papers and fabrics (vintage hankies and linens).
I apply soft pastels in different areas of the painting to block in colors.
I paint with both acrylic titanium white and gesso and mix the pastels to create tones.
I then concentrate on the face using acrylics and alcohol inks.
I have some reference of birds on a branch to create the linear image next to the figure.
I collage over some areas to pull the piece together.
The final painting.
Here is a close up of the side...lots of texture to look at.
Here is a close up of the figure.


  1. love seeing the progression of this- so beautiful (might need one to come live with my other one one day ;) ).
    I really love mixing gesso with various different mediums as well- sister paint alchemist


  2. Oh Kate, this painting is glorious. I love the mood you have created with all the different mediums and that you have shared your process with us!

  3. Absolutely fascinating. Love it. Just heard about you from Donna Downey who will be taking your class in NC. Lucky Donna! I live outside the US, but will now check your blog regularly.

  4. A very gorgeous and expressive painting. The combination of collage and fabric is perfect and impressive.